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Entertainment Trends, New Ideas and Industry Updates

Welcome to my blog. My name is Nina. During the day, I work in an office as an administrative assistant. I love my job, but in the evening, I like to do something totally different. I spend time with my dogs taking nature walks, I babysit my nieces and nephews and I also love to read about the entertainment industry. In regard to the last element, I felt like I was just constantly consuming information, and I wanted to make something with it so I decided to start my blog. Here, I plan to write about everything related to the entertainment industry. I hope you like it!

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Are You Worried About Risks of a BYOD Approach? 2 Concerns & Potential Solutions

An interesting change in technology is the shift from the usage of storage capacity in individual electronic devices, to the use of cloud based approaches. This has made it possible for clients to be able to access their content from all over the world on their devices. As such, a BYOD approach at your facility enhances the customer experience since they do not have to worry about logging in using different devices. Read More 

What Should You Consider When Looking to Upgrade a Swimming Pool?

If you have decided that it's finally time to add some new upgrades to the swimming pool area, you may want to keep reading for a list of the three best upgrades that greatly improve the value of your pool and your comfort. More and more homeowners all over the world are starting to understand that their pools are important assets to the house and that a pool area improvement can change their lifestyle completely. Read More 

4 styles of dance classes that won’t require a partner

If learning a new dance style has been on your to-do list for years, but you've been put off by the lack of a dance partner, never fear. There are some great styles of dance that don't need a partner for you to learn or perform in. Here are 4 dance class options to get you started. Samba classes While samba is performed in a ballroom dancing as a partnered dance, a more traditional Latin American style does not require a partner. Read More 

Function Venues | 4 Imaginative Ideas to Plan the Décor For Your Christmas Themed Party

If you're hosting a Christmas party for your colleagues or friends, you've first got to finalise the function venue, catering and theme. Since the party is being hosted around Christmas, it's probably natural that you have a Christmas theme. While you've done a great bit of planning around the food and theme, you'll also want to plan the décor perfectly to throw the ultimate party –– a party that your guests will remember for a long time. Read More 

How To Use Web Video Production As An Effective Marketing Tool

No matter what your business or niche, it is important that you engage your website visitors the moment they hit your web page. Web video production is one of the marketing tools you cannot go without. With a web video marketing strategy, you can stand head and shoulders above your competitors and share your message quickly and effectively with your visitors.  As with any aspect of online marketing, web video production should be planned strategically with an end goal in mind. Read More