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Three Mistakes That Could Ruin A Vegan Wedding Menu

Around one percent of Australians say they now follow a vegan diet, but there probably still aren't that many people who have had to plan a vegan wedding menu. It takes time, creativity and commitment to plan a specialist wedding menu, and simple mistakes can spoil your special day. Plan the perfect vegan wedding menu, and avoid the three following mistakes other planners have made.

Failure to clearly communicate the concept to your suppliers

From the outset, it's important to let everyone involved in the planning that you want a vegan wedding menu, or you could find yourself having to deal with a last-minute disaster. Detail exactly what you want from all your suppliers, so they have adequate time to prepare. For example, you may only want food from certain ethical sources, and many vegans insist on organic ingredients, which are often not as easy to find.

Consider your guests' dietary restrictions, too. For example, a lot of vegan recipes include nuts, but this ingredient could become a health problem if one of your guests has an allergy.

Boring food

Don't limit the menu to plain, boring prepared vegetable dishes. If a caterer talks solely in terms of marinated vegetables, raw vegetables, vegetable kebabs and salad, you need to look for a more creative supplier. While most caterers will try to cater for vegans, some have more experience than others, and you may need a specialist if you want an exciting menu.

A collaborative caterer will welcome your ideas and recipes, so feel free to supply thoughts, too. You and your friends may have some great recipes that could work on a larger scale, and there are plenty of ideas online, too. You'll probably also want to allow planning time for some online research to pick up some new ideas. Even though you aren't serving meat, you can still offer separate course to include hors d'oeuvres, a soup or salad, an entrée, a main dish and a dessert.

Food that's too exotic

Although the wedding may have a vegan menu, it's important to offer a balanced range of dishes that will cater for all tastes. This doesn't mean you have to offer meat dishes for the non-vegans, but you do need to think about different palates. For example, kids may struggle with spicy or highly fragrant food, so it's worth thinking about simpler dishes for milder tastes.

People will also want to know what they're eating, so put together menu cards that explain the main ingredients in each dish. These informative extras may also inspire your guests to experiment with new foods, which is a great outcome.

Planning a vegan wedding menu could go wrong without the right planning. Talk to a wedding event planner for more advice.