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Welcome to my blog. My name is Nina. During the day, I work in an office as an administrative assistant. I love my job, but in the evening, I like to do something totally different. I spend time with my dogs taking nature walks, I babysit my nieces and nephews and I also love to read about the entertainment industry. In regard to the last element, I felt like I was just constantly consuming information, and I wanted to make something with it so I decided to start my blog. Here, I plan to write about everything related to the entertainment industry. I hope you like it!

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Tips on effectively cleaning your trumpet

It is vital that you regularly maintain and thoroughly clean your instrument. This will ensure that it is always sounding its best as well as lasting you a very long time. It is normally recommended that you clean your instrument thoroughly every month or two. When you are starting off, you should allow about half an hour for the cleaning process, while you can cut this time in half when you become more experienced. Here is some useful tips and advice you should keep in mind when you are cleaning your Bach trumpet.


You should always set up your work setting and have all your tools and materials at hand before you start the cleaning process. There are some integral tools you need to conduct the job. Have your sink filled with water that is reasonably warm—not too hot to touch and not uncomfortably cold. You want to have the entire trumpet submerged. You can add a spot of detergent to the water. You need a snake brush in order to clean the pipes and tubes. A valve casing brush is needed in order to clean the valves. You also need lubricants such as valve oil and slide grease.

Disassemble the trumpet

You begin by removing the valves, always ensuring that they are set aside in a safe place to stop them getting lost down drains or to your pet's stomach. Next, you should remove each of the sides, separating each of the specific valves sides. Never force the sides out if they are stuck and don't use sharp tools such as pliers; you don't want to break them. If this problem persists, bring it to a professional who will be able to remove the sides for you.


Once all of the parts have been dismantled, the cleaning can begin. You should start with the sides, soaking them in water for a minute or two before pulling the snake brush through the tubing. Once you have finished brushing, simply rinse with water to get any of the soapy residues off. Proceed to clean the tubes using the snake brush for the larger ones and the valve brush for the valve casings. When you have completed the cleaning of the tubes, drain the water and rinse the pieces thoroughly. Dry each of the sides with a towel.


Before putting the sides back together, you should add some slide grease to them. When you have re-assembled the sides, you can clean the valves simply using a bit of soap and running water. Make sure that you do not get any of the top part of the valve wet—the part with the felt pads. If you do, they will contract and become misaligned. Rinse the soap off the valves but don't dry them with a towel. This can leave traces of lint on them which may affect performance. Put a few drops of oil on each of the valves and you are ready to go.

For any assistance, questions, or for professional cleaning, talk with your local music store, such as The Music Place.